System 4 Services Ltd.

The Project:

System 4 Services Ltd. have proven in house project management personnel experienced in every conceivable installation from boiler-house to entire hospital, from multi-storey office block to supermarket, at home or abroad, building controls, security, I.T., power wiring etc. All the elements of any project brought seamlessly together within one company. Nothing is beyond our capabilities.


The Design:

System 4 Services Ltd. have all the necessary expertise to produce the right design for the specified result – the end user will never be left wanting. Panel design, software design and full descriptive backup for every step of the way, clear, concise, user friendly operating instruction compilation and all the contractual documentation prepared on all the industry standard formats.


The Panel:

System 4 Services Ltd. have the ability to supply control panels and enclosures for any project. With standardisation throughout – the logical progression from our design stage is to produce the panels ourselves to ensure consistent quality. We specialise in the manufacture of Form 2 cabinets but can accommodate or outsource the supply of any panel or motor control centre of any protection standard for any environment. We control the process and insist on rigorous testing to ensure maximum efficiency for the follow on works and maximum quality for the project.


The System:

System 4 Services Ltd. currently specialise in the supply, installation, software production and commissioning of the following manufacturer’s equipment:-

Trend, Siemens & Cylon

Sofware, graphics and front-end setup, configuration of graphics and alarms, reports and logging, all networking functionality ensured due to strict adherence to cable specifications.


The Installation:

System 4 Services Ltd. currently have access to a large base of building controls installation experts with a combined industrial experience of over 200 years. Drawing in labour from a large pool of trusted sources we can once again deliver guarantees of quality. All our supervisory engineers are qualified to recognised electrical standards and all our installation works are tested and certified as compliant with the latest edition of the I.E.E. regulations. Building controls, power, lighting, I.T., networks, fire alarms, or access control we take a personal interest in the success of the project.


The Maintenance:

System 4 Services Ltd. include as standard on any project undertaken a twelve month warranty period commencing from the date of handover. Our efforts throughout the project normally ensures that any problems are normally insignificant and easily despatched but nevertheless anything more serious will be dealt with swiftly and conscientiously. We are flexible enough to offer optional extensions to the warranty period and we can provide maintenance cover if required consisting of various levels of agreed on site time on a per yearly basis or even emergency call out for maximum choice and piece of mind.


The Full Package:

System 4 Services Ltd. undertake many projects and the consistent element uniting them all can be summarised in one word – ‘quality’ – there are no ‘quick fixes’ or ‘work arounds’ just thorough investigation, thorough design processes, standardised working practices and years of experience. If it can be achieved, it will be achieved. Our preference would always be to deliver the complete system from concept to handover but our flexibility allows us to be slotted in wherever and whenever to apply the same levels of guaranteed superior levels of service.



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